Hiking and trekking in Chamonix

The best trails at the foot of Mont Blanc

Hike Chamonix’s trails and paths with the Compagnie des Guides! Whether it’s the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route, the Tour of Mont Blanc or day hikes, there’s a interesting curio or unexpected view around every corner!
Our hikes and mountain treks allow you to explore the most beautiful views over the Mont Blanc Massif and its valley.

Hikes for all abilities, from the most accessible to the most demanding, in a legendary setting.

Since 1821

Hike with the best when you choose the world’s first and oldest guiding company

Safe environment

Our mountain leaders are state-accredited instructors (brevet d’Etat holders)

Dream setting

A rich and varied natural environment at the foot of Mont Blanc

All seasons

Hiking, trekking and snowshoeing to enjoy the natural environment all year round

Founded nearly 200 years ago, the Chamonix Mont Blanc Compagnie des Guides is the undisputed standard bearer for mountain lovers.

Traditionally focused on mountaineering, the Chamonix Compagnie des Guides has gradually diversified. Our mountain professionals now offer a wide choice of activities.

As experienced technicians who are passionate about what we do, our job is to provide you with human and sporting adventures in the great outdoors, on the wild side of the mountains. We place our skills and knowledge at your disposal to create unforgettable memories from your time with us.